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Outraged behavior cellular that block phones, I decided to help all victims that area. The result of my work are calculators that generate a code used to unlock your phone from simlock. I encourage you to download and comment my work.

John Q


I/O Summary: Android Pay


Android M has also been confirmed to bring with it Android Pay, an NFC based contactless payments system.  You will be able to add existing debit or credit cards with this new mobile payment solution, which at the moment supports American Express, Discover, MasterCard and Visa and then tap your phone to compatible systems in store to pay.


Android Pay will allegedly bring the best in mobile payments. With Android Pay, users can use their phone to pay at stores just by putting it against a scanner. Google claims that Android Pay is focused on simplicity, security and choice. There is no need to open any app, which makes it easy and hassle-less to use. Actual card numbers are not shared with the store during the transaction, which is claimed to aid in security.They are also partnering with mobile carriers so that you can walk out of the store with the feature ready to go. It will be supported by many physical and virtual stores around the world, and will work on Android 4.4 Kitkat and forward. Android M will bring native fingerprint support, however, to add an extra layer of security to transactions. Google is standardizing support and making it easy for any developer to integrate it into their app.

Whilst we imagine this will be U.S. only upon launch, if it becomes successful we could see a huge uptake in mobile contactless payments globally as organisations seek to bring similar services to more countries.


Will you be using Android Pay? Leave a comment below!

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I/O Summary: App Permissions


Rumors regarding the new app permissions system have been floating about the internet for weeks now.  We have finally managed to get an idea of how the new system is expected to behave.

Android M brings the ability to customize and control behavior of phones, this has always been a big part of Android. So Google is now bringing granular app permission control to Android., and they have also simplified the system with intuitive categories:

  • Location
  • Camera
  • Microphone
  • Contacts
  • Phone
  • SMS
  • Calendar
  • Sensor

“You don’t have to agree to permissions that don’t make sense to you”. Permissions will be requested during the first time you try to use a feature, rather than a global “yes or no” upfront during installation. If so desired these can appear upon opening the app the first time, which makes sense as they put it “for access to the camera in camera apps.” Permissions directly reflect the use-case, and you can allow or deny them a per-permission basis. Legacy apps will require an update to be compatible. More importantly, the new permission model allows for app updates that don’t need new permission agreements, as they pop up whenever they are needed.. It’s a more intuitive model that results in a seamless installation process. Following installation, app permissions will be able to be toggled through the app manager settings.


From what we can gather the system should function much like a very basic XPrivacy and that can surely only be regarded as a good thing.


What do you think to the new app permissions system? Leave a comment below!

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IDC Says 2-in-1 Devices Are The Huge Opportunity For The Entire Tablet Ecosystem

IDC today revealed that worldwide shipments of tablets and 2-in-1 devices are forecast to reach 221.8 million units in 2015, a decline of -3.8% from 2014, according to their Worldwide Quarterly Tablet Tracker. While IDC expects overall sales to decline in 2015, some segments of the product category are poised to experience strong growth.   […]

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Volvo On Call app to be updated with Cortana support

In a press release Volvo has announced a coming update to the Windows Phone version of their Volvo On Call App.

Volvo On Call provides Volvo owners with 24-hour roadside assistance, SOS emergency services with crash notification, and stolen vehicle tracking and when used in conjunction with the Volvo On Call smartphone app, owners can remotely keep tabs on things like fuel level or the lock status of their vehicle’s doors.

Volvo’s Sensus Connect uses 3G connectivity to bring streaming music, restaurant reviews and even WiFi to the vehicle’s cabin and also features Bluetooth connectivity and a text-to-speech text message feature.

“Volvo On Call is an app that allows you to literally take control over everyday elements in your Volvo. You can set heater timings for those cold and frosty mornings or cool down your car in hot weather, check your fuel level and mileage, or time to next service. It even helps you to locate your car in a crowded parking garage,” explains David Holecek, Director Connected Products and Services at Volvo Cars.

The new unified Windows Phone app will deliver voice control through Cortana,  and will also see the addition of enhanced ‘send-to-car’ capabilities for navigation purposes.

The design of the app will also be updated with a new look based on Volvo Cars’ celebrated Sensus driver interface in the new Volvo XC90.

image“In only a few years we have moved from a safety and security related in-car feature to a solution that allows the driver to stay connected with their car and provides many new benefits to support their everyday requirements,” concluded Sofia Wessman, Manager Volvo On Call at Volvo Cars.

Volvo On Call is now available in 21 markets and there are currently around 230 000 active subscribers globally

The update is expected at the end of June.
Lucky Volvo owners can find the current version of the app in the Windows Phone Store here.

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NVIDIA Launches SHIELD Android TV at Google I/O


Since Android TV was announced at Google I/O 2014, there has been very little activity in the way of hardware releases for the platform. Consumers had a very small selection to choose from in the form of the Nexus Player and Razer Forge TV, or they could buy a new Sony or Phillips television with Android TV on-board. These options, however, seemed a bit tepid at best; the Nexus Player was extremely limited in nature, offering very little storage, weak internals, and low memory. The Forge was a better, more recent release by gaming company Razer, which offered specs closer to that of a modern, higher-end smartphone, and double the storage of the Nexus Player. Today at I/O 2015, a third contender entered the picture, as NVIDIA has announced that the much-anticipated SHIELD console is now available to consumers.

The SHIELD console was originally announced at the 2015 Game Developer’s Conference in March as NVIDIA’s first living room entertainment device, and it immediately turned heads due to the use of the new Tegra X1 T210 SOC. This is NVIDIA’s newest chip, featuring 64-bit ARMv8 CPU architecture in an 8-core big.LITTLE implementation (4x Cortex-A57 cores, 4x Cortex-A53 cores), and a 256-core Maxwell-based GPU from NVIDIA. It is built on a 20 nm process by TSMC, and offers 4K 60fps video capability.

Source: NVIDIA

Source: NVIDIA

NVIDIA’s newest member of the SHIELD family also features 7.1 and 5.1 surround sound and high-resolution audio playback and up-sampling at 24-bit/192 kHz, and also includes 3 GB of RAM, either 16 GB of flash storage or a 500GB hard disk drive (model depending), 2x USB 3.0 ports, microSD storage expansion, HDMI 2.0 for 4K output at 60Hz, Gigabit Ethernet port, 802.11ac WiFi, and Bluetooth 4.1. It comes with the SHIELD controller and an HDMI cable included in the box.

SHIELD Spec Sheet

Source: NVIDIA

In terms of software features, SHIELD will include 4K content from Netflix, YouTube, Pluto TV, and UltraFlix, and you can also view your own personal 4K collection from a GoPro or camcorder. Sling TV and HBO Now are also advertised, in addition to everything else that is currently available on the Android TV platform itself. Gaming is, of course, a big priority for NVIDIA, and the SHIELD is well-represented in this area. In addition to the over 200 games already available on Android TV, 20 SHIELD-specific titles will be released on the platform within a few months of launch. NVIDIA’s GRID game-streaming service, which is capable of streaming popular titles in 1080p/60fps, is also newly available on the SHIELD. NVIDIA has set up a content portal for all things SHIELD related here

The NVIDIA SHIELD console launches to consumers starting today, May 28th, 2015, in two flavors: SHIELD ($199) and SHIELD Pro ($299). The Pro version comes with a 500GB hard drive and a copy of ‘Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel’, which is planned for release on July 1, 2015. Accessories sold separately include a remote control with voice search capabilities and a vertical stand, available for $49.99 and $29.99 respectively. For a limited time, both versions will also include a $30 Google Play gift card, and 90-day access to Google Play Music All Access. You can order SHIELD directly from NVIDIA, Amazon, or Best Buy.

So, what do you think about the SHIELD console? Do you plan on ordering one soon? Or do you feel NVIDIA could have done a better job for the price? Let us know in the comments below!

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Opinion: Microsoft should take advantage of Bing’s App Linking to develop a Google Now on Tap competitor

At its annual developer conference, search giant Google showed off a handful of new things that the company has been working on, including Android M (Milkshake?), the new Google Photos service, and much more. To be fair, most of the things on the keynote wasn’t very exciting. However one of the most exciting things revealed at […]

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Skype for Mac gets updated with UI improvements

Microsoft released a new update for Skype for Mac yesterday. The latest update isn’t a major one, however, it does bring some nice improvements. With the latest update, the input field on chat gets some visual improvements, making it easier for users send images on the chat. Alongside the small UI tweak, there isn’t any […]

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