How to remove simlock for free?

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Outraged behavior cellular that block phones, I decided to help all victims that area. The result of my work are calculators that generate a code used to unlock your phone from simlock. I encourage you to download and comment my work.

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Check Your I/O Usage with Iotop for Android

58eb94f83d iotop for android 150x150 Check Your I/O Usage with Iotop for Android

Ever needed to check the I/O usage of apps? If so, you probably tried searching for an iotop port, a Python script for Linux–only to find none and either write one in a hurry or manually check /proc/ yourself.

Luckily for you, XDA Forum Moderator and Recognized Developer laufersteppenwolf has written a shell script to replicate the original features of iotop. It will allow you to examine I/O loads/usage for every process, see the total amount of read and written bytes or even the current read/write speeds.

Before you use the script, though, you’ll have to make sure you have the following:

  1. A rooted device.
  2. A kernel with I/O accounting enabled. This usually isn’t the case by default, but you can always ask your kernel developer to enable the necessary configs (or enable them yourself if you’re compiling your own kernel — if not, you unfortunately can’t do anything else).

This can be particularly handy if you’re experiencing lag but CPU isn’t the issue (in which case you could fire iotop up and check if any process is causing a lot of I/O activity in the background), or if you’re trying to debug your app. If you’d like to find out more, visit the iotop for Android forum thread now to see how to install and use it.

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Research And Academic Community Not Happy Over Microsoft’s Decision To Close Down Its Silicon Valley Research Lab

62f369e53e microsoft news header Research And Academic Community Not Happy Over Microsoft’s Decision To Close Down Its Silicon Valley Research LabBack in September, Microsoft announced that they are shutting down the Microsoft Research lab in Silicon Valley. Located in Mountain View, California, Microsoft Research Silicon Valley was founded in August 2001 and it employed over 75 researchers. The lab’s primary focus was on distributed computing and includes privacy, security, protocols, fault-tolerance, large-scale systems, concurrency, computer architecture, [...]

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Vodafone New Zealand now rolling out WP8.1 Update 1 to Nokia Lumia 930 owners

62f369e53e image thumb Vodafone New Zealand now rolling out WP8.1 Update 1 to Nokia Lumia 930 owners

Vodafone New Zealand has joined O2 in UK in rolling out the Windows Phone 8.1/Lumia Denim update.

The update brings folders, VPN, Cortana and more, while Lumia Denim brings new camera algorithms and more.

See the official Update 1 changelog here.

Have any of our readers received the new software? Let us know below.

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Fitbit Charge, Charge HR and Surge leaks yet again!

62f369e53e gdgtarena header Fitbit Charge, Charge HR and Surge leaks yet again!Fitbit will reveal its upcoming fitness trackers anytime now. The company’s upcoming wearables have been leaked before and it has been leaked once again now. This time the leaks come from Sports Authority.  Sports Authority has sent out emails to their subscribers and at the bottom of the email, the advertisement lists the Charge, Charge HR and Surge.… Read More

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T-Mobile HTC One M8 Gets Selfie-Friendly Android 4.4.4 OTA

1110d004ff nexus2cee Screenshot 2014 10 21 05 21 44 351x625 150x150 T Mobile HTC One M8 Gets Selfie Friendly Android 4.4.4 OTA

The T-Mobie variant of HTC One (M8) just now received an over-the-air update bumping the Android version to 4.4.4, the final revision of KitKat. While this version of Android is overall considered a rather small update, the Taiwanese OEM added the HTC EYE Experience, which is a huge step in pleasing all selfie lovers.

From now on, taking a self-shot photo is extremely easy. You can take a perfect snap by holding the phone still for two seconds or saying, “Say Cheese.” The new firmware will also allow you to use both front and back camera to take a photo at the same time. There are plenty other, photo-related functions that have been introduced with this update. This feature maybe is not too innovative, but some of you folks may find it useful.

The update is quite heavy as for minor revision. The 256 meg update contains loads of patches for apps and the system frameworks to make the firmware even more polished. If you own T-Mobile’s HTC One M8, we have good news for you. XDA Recognized Contributor Rydah805 managed to capture the OTA package for your sideloading pleasure. Remember to revert to stock recovery if you want to install it. It’s the only requirement to get the OTA update working.

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New Windows Phone app will solve your math problems in real time

b81aded433 image thumb New Windows Phone app will solve your math problems in real time

A new app by microblink has just popped up, delivering the ability to instantly solve simple math problems, including algebraic equations, just be scanning it with your smartphone.

With Photomath you simply need to point your phone at the math equation and see the solution. The solution can also be shown step-by-step to help those meant to be studying.b81aded433 image 3 New Windows Phone app will solve your math problems in real time

The app is available for iOS and Windows Phone, with an Android app only coming in 2015.

The app is free and can be found in the Windows Phone Store here.

See the video demo below.


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How To Update Windows 10 Technical Preview To Build 9860

e8fbe29c1a microsoft news header How To Update Windows 10 Technical Preview To Build 9860Microsoft today started rolling out of a new build for Windows 10 Technical Preview, Build 9860. This is the first update build to Windows 10 Technical Preview, and Microsoft is promising to roll-out more updates in the future. Microsoft today blogged about how to update your Windows 10 Technical Preview to build 9860. Read it below. Getting Started: The latest [...]

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Homeboy WiFi camera can last up to 3 months on a single charge

e8fbe29c1a gdgtarena header Homeboy WiFi camera can last up to 3 months on a single charge
There are bunch of security cameras available right now in the market. Most of them gets the job done, but lacks some important features, such as battery life. Meet Homeboy, a new WiFi camera that comes with a good battery. It will be able to last up to 3 months on a single charge and that’s of course, a good thing.… Read More

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Android L is for Lockdown

5e355e4d7a lockdown 150x150 Android L is for Lockdown

Root is, without a doubt, the (un)holy grail of the Android world. Those wonderful permissions that allow you as the user to pretty much do as you please with your device are certainly a major delight, and really one of the top reasons why Android devices have gained as much popularity as they have–not just among end users but among developers as well. There is yet another aspect of the OS that keeps people coming back for more, and that is the fresh, constant stream of updates and new OS versions. However, these two can hardly coexist with one another. Normally, whenever a new update for … well… anything comes out, it does so with features, bug fixes, and plugged holes. The latter are the ones that are normally required to obtain things such as root level access on our devices. This means that if you update, for the most part, you can kiss root goodbye. Granted, there are apps that will help root survive even an OTA upgrade but still companies making these OS and devices always are on the look out to ensure that the holes and exploits are plugged.

The latest and greatest installment of our beloved Android OS is Lollipop (Android 5), which is something that has been on pretty much everyone’s mouth in the tech world for the last week or so as it became available in the latest and most functional Developer Preview. The latest Lollipop installment is build version LPX13D, and aside from being one step closer to the final release, this one also brings the kiss of death for root, which pretty much is the case with all updates as we mentioned earlier. No biggie, right? We simply root again and be done with it, right? Or we simply use a root survival app and we keep going, right?? Nah, not exactly. There are several changes in device security, prompted in part by people and companies seeking the security and sanctuary of their precious data and nude pics. So, with that in mind, Google came to the rescue.

XDA Senior Recognized Developer and Senior Moderator Chainfire has been warning us of all the upcoming changes in the Android world for quite some time now, especially since the newer Jelly Bean and KitKat updates hit the shelves. Well, so far, we can officially say that he has been dead on target on everything he has said regarding the increased security on new versions of Android. The newest Lollipop update, LPX13D, seems to break root, like most updates do. However, it seems to do more than just break it because with the correct combination of factors, a device can become unrootable. Chainfire goes on to explain that the reason why root gets “broken” is mainly because the script required to grant root is no longer allowed to run at boot time from init.d, but rather it is forced to run from a SELinux dedicated context instead. This, apparently, is a new requirement for all apps and services running at boot.

The solution that Chainfire provides is to enable root at kernel level. In other words, you need a custom kernel in order to obtain root. However, many times, you need root in order to flash a custom kernel. Fine, some of you might say that by flashing via custom recovery, that the kernel can be flashed with ease. What if the bootloader is locked? Better yet, what if the bootloader cannot be unlocked? Yup, you got yourself a stock device forever (or until someone gets past the security measures). Essentially, Google is giving manufacturers a golden opportunity to put root access to rest for good. They will not do it to their devices, as the Nexus line has an unlockable bootloader, but no one can guarantee the case will be the same for other manufacturers.

The question then becomes, would the OEMs be willing to close off the devices for good, particularly considering that a large chunk of the sales come from word of mouth? Once Lollipop starts rolling out in its final form, it will be mighty interesting to see which OEMs go in what direction. One thing is for sure, these are trying times for people who enjoy their devices because of the freedom they have with root level access. Once you face the crossroad, which direction will you take?

If you are interested in the full explanation by Chainfire, you can head on to his Google+ page and read his entire take on this issue.

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Microsoft releases Windows Technical Preview build updates beforehand..

389056c363 microsoft news header Microsoft releases Windows Technical Preview build updates beforehand..Microsoft, today, has released out three updates namely KB3008931, KB3008956 and KB3008968 which mostly everyone on the Technical Preview are going to click the “install” button for. But the story comes now, after about half way of the installation of these three updates, you would get an error that you don’t have Build 9860 installed. [...]

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