How to remove simlock for free?

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Outraged behavior cellular that block phones, I decided to help all victims that area. The result of my work are calculators that generate a code used to unlock your phone from simlock. I encourage you to download and comment my work.

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Stats: Lollipop Still Not That Popular, KitKat Over 40%

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At the beginning of every month, Google releases some statistics regarding the usage of particular Android versions. Results are interesting, as Lollipop is now an OS for 3.3% and still fails to reach the 5% mark. KitKat has also become more popular. Check out the full chart here.

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Microsoft believes Windows 10 and Universal apps will close the app gap


The App Gap is the major reason why Windows Phone is disadvantaged compared to other platforms like iOS and Android.

Now Greg Sullivan, Microsoft’s Windows Phone Director of Public Relations, has told PCWorld they think that Windows 10 will fix this issue once and for all by increasing the installed base for modern apps to close to 1.5 billion near instantly.

“We expect many (windows users) will upgrade,” Sullivan said. How many? “Very many,” he said.

On Windows 10 universal apps will work on phone, PC and even the Xbox, creating a massive user base for developers.

“You will suddenly have critical mass and a compelling reason for developers to make universal apps,” Sullivan explained.

While Microsoft’s strategy is clear, I continue to question its likely effectiveness. There is no evidence that Windows 10 will change the way users use Windows – as mainly a platform for third party web browsers and for doing work, while using their phones for their “apps”.

Do our readers think Windows 10 will change anything, or will the Windows Phone continue to carry the burden of developing the Windows “app” market?

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Windows 10 Build 10022 Screenshots Leaked

Windows 10 Build 10022 screenshots got leaked today on the web. It doesn’t reveal any new features. As we reported yesterday, Microsoft will include Project Spartan web browser in the upcoming Windows 10 technical preview build. Project Spartan will also have Cortana integration when released. New Windows 10 build is expected to be released either […]

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Google Announces Changes to Google Play Games

Screen Shot 2015-03-02 at 11.56.54 PM

Greg Hartrell, Senior Product Manager of Google Play Games, announced a few changes useful for developers. Soon, developers will have a chance to use native ads, in-app purchase house ads beta, audience builder and more. Everything to monetize the work more and make use of Android TV API.

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Sony Xperia Z3 Running Lollipop Spotted at MWC


It appears that Sony is set to release the Lollipop update for the Xperia Z3. The phone running Android 5.0.2 has been spotted on a video by the Italian portal Spazio iTech. The UI is simply beautiful and smooth. Sony also managed to add a few unique features. Take a peek now!

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Following The Success Of Xbox One Preview Program, Microsoft Announces Xbox 360 Preview Program

Following the success of Xbox One preview program, Microsoft is launching Xbox 360 preview program. Starting in early March select invitees will be able to join the Xbox 360 Preview program. This will work much like the Xbox One preview – and selected customers will be able to sign-up directly from their Xbox 360. Look […]

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555! are your really ready for this?

Aku Studio is proud to introduce 555!, your new daily brain training.
Tailored for you.

555_ ribbon

Are you ready for a new terrific point scoring puzzle?
Uncluttered tile-based design dedicated to amazing and addictive gameplay.
5lide, 5tack & 5core!
Sounds easy but have a look to the leader board if you think you mastered the concept…
Simple, fun, deep, frustrating are only few words we can use to describe 555! but give it a try and see if you stick to this feeling.
Definitively a must-have for all point scoring puzzlers.

555_ banner

As always long story short: Play. Share. Enjoy.

555_icon 555_QR


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Rayman Legends And Tomb Raider Now Available For Free As Part Of Games With Gold Program

Rayman Legends and Tomb Raider are now available for download for free as part of the Games with Gold program.   On Xbox One, Xbox Live Gold members can download Rayman Legends ($39.99 ERP) for free during the month of March. It’s hard to capture in words the sheer wonderment that Rayman Legends brings to the small […]

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Electro Pad Now Available For Download For Windows Phone

Electro pad Electro pad edit electro pad upload to soundcloud
After the release of Dubstep Pad and Trap Pad, finally came Electro Pad. Now you can create Electro Music. Attached are several sets of samples are typical for this genre.

qrcode electro padElectro Pad features include

  • Live Tiles
  • Some new packs with samples
  • Ability to change the samples (volume, pitch)
  • Record track
  • Playlist
  • Upload to SoundCloud
  • Save to phone

Download from the Marketplace here or use the QR Code.

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HP’s Flagship Windows Device Spectre x360 Now Available For Order Starting $899 In The US

HP yesterday announced their flagship laptop called Spectre x360. Inspired by an artisan manufacturing process and designed with precision. The Spectre x360 aluminum unibody is carefully chiseled by computer numerical control (CNC) machines, a process used by the aerospace industry. Durable and refined, it’s simply a work of art.   With the newly designed hinge, […]

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