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Outraged behavior cellular that block phones, I decided to help all victims that area. The result of my work are calculators that generate a code used to unlock your phone from simlock. I encourage you to download and comment my work.

John Q


RTS Game Divine Academy comes to Windows Phone

deviniy acadamy

Realore has brought its world-building game Divine Academy to Windows Phones and tablets/PCs.

Divine Academy is a mixture of strategy and god-SIM genres. Build your ancient city, develop your godly skills and rule your people. Become a part of a fascinating world – a university for ancient Greek deities. Pass exams at the Divine Academy and get a license to cast the most powerful miracles! Build the most amazing metropolis by casting spells, accumulating wealth and empowering those around you. Be it gardening, architecture or math, help your people learn and explore new frontiers. Discover the vast and beautiful game world and learn to rule it!

See screen shots of the game below:

Gallery : Divine Academy screen shots

See the video trailer here.

The game can be found in the Windows Store here.

WP-Appbox: Divine Academy (Free, Windows Store) ?






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Android Pay Is Here. Kind Of.

Android Pay

Android Pay is sort of functional, you can activate it via an activity shortcut such as those found in Nova Launcher’s widgets menu and add your cards. Though, the official app isn’t here, it will still work with payments. Try it out!
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The Moto 360 Value Tier And Why You Haven’t Heard About It

Moto 360

Motorola’s Industrial Designer, Imaan Naeem has revealed information regarding the Moto 360 Value Tier which was to be aimed at the youth market. Unfortunately, the project was cancelled before production for unknown reasons. However, the concept development, appearance models and photo-realistic renderings are now available.

Moto 360
Moto 360

The original concept work shows the various stages the design went through on its way to final renders, however these told us very little about what made this model “value”. The Renders shed a lot more insight into the features.

Moto 360
As can be seen in here the watch features plastic trim with the crown button at the 2 o’clock position. An easily removable fabric band held in place through spring loaded bar system is included, although this means that your options for alternate bands would be significantly limited to just NATO bands without removing the bar itself (an option that would have been available). Looking at the back of the device it is clear to see that there is no heart rate sensor and that instead of wireless charging the watch uses its own proprietary charger through metal contacts.

Imaan has worked at Motorola since January where she has worked on a wide variety of consumer products ranging from wearables and audio accessories to next-gen phones. She was also the designer behind a line of black and orange Moto earbuds, for which the design process while not currently available to the public will be soon. Previously she has worked for Nectar Design’s medical products department where she worked on design and UX on a range of products and has won several awards for her work.

Moto 360
Moto 360

It is unfortunate that this tier of Moto 360 was canned, whilst it may not be packed full of the features available in the final product we can logically deduce that it would have a case of  42mm case or less as indicated by the women’s model. Since the 360 starts at $300 we can also assume that this would come at a much lower cost making it perfect as a first stepping stone for the younger generation who could not afford or suit a larger model.

You can find Imaans website here.

Do you think Motorola should have launched a value tier? leave a comment below!

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WMPU Weekly News Round-Up – August 31st – September 6th


Hey Power Users! Nick here for your Weekly news Round-Up, where I compile this week’s Microsoft news that’s been floating around the web, and talk about them in relative detail for your viewing pleasure!

In this video, I talk about a new Update Advisor application for your Windows Phone, the Cityman and Talkman Carrier and fast charging rumors, and even more cool information about the Continuum dock! Oh, and did I mention that Microsoft is testing out the app publishing process for Astoria?!

Voice your thoughts on what you think of each news story, and if you want to see more news round-up videos like this, then let us know in the comments below!


Microsoft has started testing the process of publishing Astoria apps to the Windows Store

Rumour: Microsoft’s new Cityman and Talkman flagships coming to both AT&T and T-Mobile

More detail about Codename Munchkin Continuum dock leaks

Microsoft Cityman and Talkman to reportedly include support for fast charging

Acer reveals its new Windows 10 Mobile smartphone, supports Continuum

Hands-on with the Acer Jade Primo

Microsoft serious about Windows 10 Mobile upgrade, release UpdateAdvisor app for Windows Phone

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More high quality pictures of the Acer Jade Primo Windows 10 Mobile handset

jade primo 1

The Acer Jade Primo is currently the only flagship Windows 10 Mobile handset officially announced, but Acer has so far released precious little information about the handset, including high quality images of the device.

Fortunately press did have some hands-on time with the handset, and GSMArena managed to snag some high quality hands-on pictures of the surprisingly attractive device.

The Acer Jade Primo features a 5.5 inch Super-AMOLED 1080P screen, SnapDragon 808 processor and 21 megapixel camera with Dual-LED flash.

The device has been shown of with a dedicated continuum dock, and Acer says it will ship with a wireless keyboard and mouse, making it as much a PC replacement as a phone.

See the images of the handset below.

Gallery : Acer Jade Primo






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MauryDes Theme for OnePlus 2

XDA Recognized Themer maurydes published a neat theme for the OnePlus 2 that changes the look of not just the UI and system apps, but also some Google apps as well.

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Open Source Virtual Reality HDK Preorder Coming Soon


At IFA in Berlin, Open Source Virtual Reality an open software and hardware platform for virtual reality, has announced the development and a preorder date for their Hacker Development Kit,  which will go on sale October 1st. The OSVR content discovery platform has also launched ahead of this HDK release and can be found at

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