How to remove simlock for free?

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Outraged behavior cellular that block phones, I decided to help all victims that area. The result of my work are calculators that generate a code used to unlock your phone from simlock. I encourage you to download and comment my work.

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As Expected, Windows And Office Licensing Revenue Declined Last Quarter

Microsoft yesterday announced their second quarter financial results. The results of most of their operating segments were positive with the exception of Devices and Consumer Licensing segment. D&C Licensing revenue decreased $1.4 billion or 25%, mainly due to a decline in Windows Phone revenue, as well as lower revenue from licenses of Windows OEM and […]

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Microsoft India’s ‘WideLies’ Teaser Was For Lumia 730 And Lumia 535 Marketing Campaign

Microsoft India Widelies


Last week, we posted about a teaser from Microsoft India’s social media channels. The teaser said ‘Get Ready For The Wider Picture’ which started speculation about new Lumia device being launched in India. Actually, the teaser was for the new campaign to promote Lumia 535 and Lumia 730 devices which comes with wide-angle front cameras.

All is not as it seems! Catch their lies and see more when you switch to the wide angle, 5 MP, front facing camera on Lumia 730 or Lumia 535.

Today, I came across this campaign page which is trying to highlight the front camera of these devices. Watch the below to videos to know how wider front camera will affect your Skype experience.

Source: Microsoft

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Check Out The Revamped Maps App In Windows 10 Build 9926

  With Windows 10 Build 9926, Microsoft has included an all new Maps app. Microsoft has built a brand new Maps app that includes the best of Maps, HERE Maps, HERE Drive+, and Bing 3D Maps. You can search for locations, get directions, add favorites and more. As expected, you can now download offline maps. […]

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Ampere Charging Meter


Do you have problems with your charger or experience terribly slow charging? Check out this helpful tool made by XDA Senior Member nihil0 and learn what the amperage is during charging. Get information about current and maximum rate on your phone running Android Lollipop.

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Must Have App Review: AROMA File Manager


Here at XDA we spend a lot of time in our recoveries. Some of our tweaks, hacks, and mods require you to make changes to system files. That requires some pretty deep access. You can get to that access from recovery, like TWRP. However, the recovery file manager doesn’t feel like the Android file managers.

XDA Recognized Developer amarullz offers up an app that lets you have a fully functional file manager in your recovery. In this video XDA TV Producer TK reviews AROMA File Manager.  TK shows off the application, its uses, functionality and talks about his thoughts of this must have application. Check out this app review.

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Microsoft’s HoloLens reportedly packs ‘unreleased’ Intel Atom chip

According to a new report from PCWorld, the recently announced Microsoft HoloLens packs ‘unreleased’ Intel Atom chip. The report reveals that the CPU and GPU of HoloLens are based on Cherry Trail which will be used in tablets this year. For starters, Cherry Trail is small, fast and includes a lot of features that can easily fit into the HoloLens. PCWorld states that Intel will be bringing several gesture recognition features to its Cherry Trail chip as well.… Read More

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Microsoft Confirms That Desktop And Classic Windows Apps Will Be Supported Only In 8-inch And Above Windows 10 Tablets

@marypcbuk @jackschofield @ExNokian @sbisson @dinabass 8″ & up = “desktop” w/ win32 apps. < 8" = phones, phablets, sm tablets. No dsktp. — joebelfiore (@joebelfiore) January 26, 2015 With Windows 8.1, Microsoft allowed OEMs to sell full Windows tablets at any size of 7-inch and above. Using classic Win32 apps on a 7-inch screen didn’t […]

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Microsoft Updates City Art Search App With Improved Live Tile And Lock Screen Support In Windows Phone Store

City Art Search Windows Phone

Microsoft today updated City Art Search app to v1.8 with Live Tile and Lockscreen improvements. With this City Art Search app, users can search over 2,200 famous works of art around the world, and see which galleries and museums they are located in.

What’s New:

  • Live Tile can now show up to five images at any one time. It will change the image every few seconds or so. The oldest image in the list gets replaced at a frequency specified in the settings e.g. every hour. Added an option in the settings to not show the information on the reverse side of the Live Tile i.e. only images are shown.
  • The Lock-Screen can now show the art information for the background image. To do this, go to Settings -> Lock Screen and choose ‘City Art Search’ as the app to show detailed status. It actually shows the first three lines of art information for the freshest image in the Wide Live Tile.
  • Note that the third line in the Wide Live Tile is actually blank space – we wanted a line between the Signature and the Gallery so it’s easier to read on the Wide Live Tile. A consequence of this is that the Gallery information won’t be visible on the Lock Screen, only the Title & Signature.
  • Tweaked the UX.
  • Some minor bug fixes, data refinement,
  • And the addition of more artwork to the database.

City Art Search Windows Phone Live Tile Lockscreen
Known Issues:

  • Also, note that if you choose to have only images displayed on the Live Tile, or if you chose it to be ‘Icon Only’, art information won’t be visible on the Lock Screen. Another caveat is that there is no point selecting ‘City Art Search’ to show ‘quick status’ on the Lock Screen from the Phone Settings. This badge will never get updated. We had to include it, so that we could show art information as detailed status on the Lock Screen.
  • Another known issue is that the ‘Live Tile Art’ button in the App Settings will only return a single search result for the freshest image added to the Live Tile list. We’ll fix this soon, so that it will return a set of results for all the images cycling through the Live Tile.
  • We still need to roll out an update for this to sync with the Windows 8.1 Store app. We’ll get to this soon.

Download it here from Windows Phone Store for free.

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Microsoft Sold 6.6 Million Xbox One Units Last Quarter, Down From 7.4 Million Last Year

Microsoft today announced that Xbox console sales totaled 6.6 million units, with strong holiday season performance. Computing and Gaming Hardware revenue decreased $473 million or 11%, primarily due to lower revenue from Xbox Platform, offset in part by higher Surface revenue. Xbox Platform revenue decreased $703 million or 20%, driven by a 10% decline in […]

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Plex For Windows Phone App Updated With New Features And Improvements

Plex Windows Phone app

Plex media streaming app just got updated in Windows Phone Store with Plex Home support, Playlist support, bug fixes and improvements . Find the full list of changes below.

Changes in

– Plex Home support
– Playlist supportPlex Windows Phone
– (Video) Access Now Playing queue from video player
– (Play Queues) Enable local Play Queues with synced albums and seasons
– (Play Queues) Add Play Next option

– (Music) Display actual artist when playing “various artist” albums
– (Sync) Don’t attempt to sync while playing video
– (Sync) Sync composite images
– Explain automatic sign-out when password changes
– A number of user-reported crashes

Download it here from Windows Phone Store for free.

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