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on March 21, 2015

Outraged behavior of mobile phones operators that block phones, I decided to help all victims of that area. The result of my work are calculators that generate a code used to unlock your phone from simlock. I encourage you to download and comment my work.

John Q

15 Responses to “Welcome!”

  1. GJ van Tol says:

    Thanks for the good work

  2. elo says:

    Hi mate, I want to thank you for your help

  3. Juan says:

    Hello, I needed simlock code for a nokia C3, locked to vodafone/libertel in the netherlands. I can not unlock it in my country, no one can seem to be able to do it. Yours calculator generated it to me without any problem. Thanks.

  4. amiet says:


    I download the calculator and it works perfect!!!

    Best regards

  5. JORGE LUIS says:

    Yours site saves me? every weekend!

  6. walter says:

    i tried your htc unlocker on my htc hd7 and works excellent

  7. bloire says:

    This is an awesome site !!!!

  8. Bashir says:

    Hello John,

    is there un unlock available for Samsung Galazy Gio (S5660)?

    Sorry, I see now it works with my model ^^

  9. classyrok says:

    very good

  10. Dan says:

    in my country i cant remove simlock in mobile service so I must use calculators

    thanks john Q

  11. Sergio M says:

    HTC simlock calculator working on my htc freestyle.Thanks for your help

  12. carlos says:

    funciona muy bien, gracias a mi amigo

  13. Breitish Mitchell says:

    im about to try your calculator. i hope it works on my phone. im using htc desire hd..

  14. Dean Duneclift says:

    I completed the survey as requested, and received a message the download was unlocked, next I download Samsung Calculator v0.9 I unlock my phone. Thank you John.